What You Need to Know About Your Skin During Pregnancy

Many things change in your body when you are pregnant, and your skin is no different. You will notice your skin going through a number of changes throughout the course of your pregnancy. Here are the changes you can expect and how to treat them.

Stretch Marks

Every pregnant woman’s fear about their body is that they will gain weight and get stretch marks. Both of these things are almost inevitable. Almost 90 percent of pregnant women develop at least a few stretch marks. You can try to avoid stretch marks by applying a lotion that contains vitamin E and alpha-hydroxy acids to your abdomen and breasts daily.


You may notice some melasma while you are pregnant. Melasma is dark spots that appear on your face. Melasma is caused by the hormone changes in the body, and about 50 percent of pregnant women experience it. There are several treatments for melasma that are safe for mom and baby, such as light therapy.

Pregnancy Glow

When you are pregnant, your body produces 50 percent more blood, which increases circulation and makes your skin get a radiant glow. Hormones also play a role in the pregnancy glow. There really isn’t anything that you need to do for this; although if your skin becomes oily, you should use a cleanser designed for that purpose.

Acne Breakouts

Due to the hormone changes in the body, pregnant women often experience acne breakouts. It may be the first time you have had acne since adolescence. Acne can be treated in pregnancy, but some treatments may not be suitable. Keeping your face clean and oil-free is your main priority. If you have a severe problem with acne while pregnant, you should contact a dermatologist for assistance.

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