Tips for Protecting Your Scalp

Summer is here. And even though people are social distancing, it’s a beautiful time to be outdoors. Whether you’re hanging out in your own yard, swimming in your backyard pool, or hitting the beach, you are going to be in the sun’s harsh rays for hours.

Most people are well aware of the need for high SPF sunscreen. But how often do you think about protecting your scalp from the sun? Your scalp is just like the rest of the skin on your body. It can become damaged by the sun even if it does not actually burn and become irritated, and your scalp is more sensitive than the rest of your skin because it almost never sees the light of day.

When you’re outdoors for long periods of time, your scalp can become inflamed and sun damaged at your hairline and at your part. If you’re in the water and your hair is wet, even more of your scalp may be exposed to the sun.

It is a good idea to wear a hat anytime you’ll be spending more than an hour outdoors. You should also wear a pool cap if you are going to swim under the sun. The blue waves of the pool or ocean will reflect the sunlight back onto you, making it even easier to get sun damage.

Another thing you can do to protect your scalp is to cut back on shampooing your hair. Unless it gets dirty, you really don’t need to shampoo every day. The natural oils of your scalp will protect it from the sun as well as other damage that can occur. By cutting back how often you shampoo, you’ll allow those natural oils to accumulate and do their job.

If you follow these tips and still end up with scalp sunburn or sun damage, contact us today for an appointment so we can assist you.

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