Three Reasons to Attend a Fall Cosmetic Event Near You

This November, Bay Dermatology will be hosting a fall cosmetic event at four of their locations: St. Pete Beach, Spring Hill, Largo, and Lutz. These events are going to be an excellent opportunity for you to discover the cosmetic and aesthetic services that we have to offer, learn more about the procedures and treatments, and get more information that will allow you to make a decision about the treatments you are interested in receiving. Here are three excellent reasons to attend a fall cosmetic event near you.

Learn More About Treatments

Have you had an interest in reducing the signs of aging or improving your appearance, but aren’t sure about the treatments available and which one is right for you? A consultation with our experts can help you learn more, but this event is an opportunity for you to learn more in a more casual setting. There are several different treatments that are available from Bay Dermatology including cosmetic injectables, facials, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. At this event, you will learn more about these and other cosmetic and aesthetic services.

Get Discounts

When you attend one of our cosmetic fall events, you will be able to take advantage of unique discounts and special pricing on specific cosmetic and aesthetic services. This is a great opportunity to take new steps toward improving your appearance without breaking the bank. You can get the event specials the week of  of the event.


The best part of any event is the freebies! When you come to one of our fall cosmetic events, you will be entered to win raffles and receive a goody bag with wonderful aesthetic treats. There will also be light refreshments provided.

If you are interested in learning more about our aesthetic and cosmetic services, come to one of our fall cosmetic events the first week of November, or contact us for more information.

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