Three Reasons for Cryosurgery for Moles

While most moles are harmless to your health, they can be quite annoying. Many people are self-conscious of their moles, especially if they are large, irregularly shaped, growing hair, or in a prominent place on the body. If you want a mole removed, one option is cryosurgery, during which the mole is quickly frozen and slowly thawed so that the skin cells die and it is removed. Here are three of the many reasons to try cryosurgery for moles. 


It can be very embarrassing to have a mole in the wrong place. Some moles on the face are unobtrusive and add to your features. But if the mole is very large or growing hair, it could be affecting your appearance negatively. Moles are usually much more visible to the person they are on than the people looking at them. Still, to boost your self-confidence it is a good idea to have such moles removed with cryosurgery.


Some moles, especially when large, can be really uncomfortable. If you have moles at the waist line, it could be uncomfortable to wear clothing with a certain style of waistband. Moles can also be uncomfortable if they are in areas that you use frequently, such as on the fingers, toes, feet, or hands. 

Minimally Invasive and Effective

Cryosurgery is very effective and minimally invasive. You may experience some slight pain or discomfort during the process, but it is minute enough that local anesthetic is usually not necessary. It is much less invasive than traditional surgery or laser removal of moles, and it has a much easier recovery. Cryosurgery is also highly effective against most moles.

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