Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy is commonly used to treat spider veins. These unsightly veins usually resemble a spider web and are small red blood vessels usually found on the legs near the skin surface, branching out from larger veins. Spider veins can cause embarrassment, especially when wearing shorts and bathing suits. These reddish-purple lines on your legs are not unhealthy and not “broken,” they are actually dilated.

We can obliterate spider veins with sclerotherapy, a procedure that entails the injection of a sclerosing solution. We usually use saline because allergic reactions are very rare when using this solution.
Spider veins are not needed for your circulation. They are actually unnecessary detours that can safely be destroyed. Depending on its size, the blood vessel may need to be injected more than once (usually one month between treatments). Numerous vessels can be treated in one session. Most veins will disappear within two weeks to two months. In general, spider vein treatment is not covered by insurance.

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