Acne Treatment

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While the reason for skin break-out remains a mystery, four key players that could cause acne are excess oil, stopped up pores, microscopic organisms, and inflammation. An oil that our bodies make to prevent the skin from drying out is called Sebum. This access oil dramatically increases through adolescence when hormones know as androgens send sebum production into overdrive. Dermatologists recommend gently washing your face once or twice a day with a mild cleanser to remove excess sebum, which is important for controlling acne.acne treatment

Treatment depends on your individual type of acne and our dermatologists will perform a skin analysis to learn more about your specific case. Sometimes an acne-like rash can be due to another cause such as makeup, lotions, or from an oral medication. The acne treatment procedure begins with cleansing and steaming of the skin to open pores followed by manual removal of milia, blackheads, and pimples as well as open and closed comedomes. This will bring correction to clogged pores allowing acne to resolve and giving you a cleaner, healthier complexion.

Dermatologists offer numerous viable medicines to treat acne. Before prescribing a treatment plan, your dermatologist will consider many variables including your age and severity of the breakout.  Our clinic, physicians, and medical aestheticians work closely to get you the best results. Our treatment usually consist of Dusa Blu Light, acne facials, chemical peels, skin care, prescription medications and topical creams.

Control of acne is an ongoing process and improvement takes time. However, you should see results soon. If you have untreated acne that has left scars, our dermatologists can also offer treatment.

Remember, clean skin is health

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