Professional yet friendly service!

“I really appreciate the professional yet friendly service I received and still receive from Dr. Esguerra, Rakeema, and Rachel. It’s important to have great front-end support staff, too! Usually you find a great doctor, but terrible front office or vice-versa. It’s refreshing to have both. I can always count on Rakeema (when she’s able) to say hello and make me feel special by remembering my name. Customer service skills like that are rare and appreciated by people/patients, we usually are ignored completely or treated like a number at best. She (Rakeema) usually is facing the back hard at work, but when she can, if she happens to be facing the front while I’m there, she says hello and calls me by name. Rachel always is friendly too, and helps me when I’m there. They make me keep coming back. My pet peeve is to be ignored or treated rudely. I never have that with these three. Great staff and customer service should be rewarded and appreciated. I will keep coming back. Thank you!”
– Patient in the Spring Hill office