Our Residency Program




Our residency program for dermatology was Established in 1997, in partnership with Largo Medical Center.
Bay Dermatology’s offices serve as a teaching facility for residents during the program. Our mission is to expose the residents to all aspects of dermatology and train residents to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and values essential to providing high-quality dermatologic patient care.
Largo Medical Center offers an organized, diverse, progressive, academic and clinically-oriented program, designed to prepare the resident for the practice of dermatology, and ultimately, for examination and certification by the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology. To date, Bay Dermatology residents have a 100% Pass Rate on the AOCD Board Exam.
We have graduated 36 residents currently practicing in the following states: Florida, Virginia, Georgia, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Montana, Washington, California, Ohio, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Carolina.

Clinical Scope & Rotations:

General dermatology
Melanoma, HIV, Infectious disease, STDs
Mohs cutaneous surgery
Surgical excisions utilizing flaps, grafts, complex repairs
Cutaneous lymphoma clinic observership at Moffitt Cancer Center
Bay Pines VA core rotation
Cosmetic & laser dermatology
Pediatric dermatology
Phototherapy & patch testing

Residency Goals & Objectives:

Become an expert in the signs and symptoms of skin diseases
Provide care for patients with outpatient diseases as well as for those requiring inpatient care
Master the use of basic science resources in understanding the mechanisms of diseases and their management
Critically evaluate and interpret literature in clinical and investigative dermatology
Understand simple and complex closures, grafts and flaps, as well as all types of cosmetic procedures
Interpret dermatopathology and immunopathology in the diagnosis of skin diseases
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