Cryosurgery for Mole Removal: What to Expect

Do you have a troubling, irritating, restricting, or oddly shaped or colored mole? Most of the time moles are harmless and nothing needs to be done to treat them, but sometimes moles can cause problems and need to be removed for health or comfort. Before you head into the doctor for mole removal, understand exactly what you can expect with cryosurgery removal.

Before the Procedure

Your doctor may do a few different things to prepare the area for cryosurgery. The area must first be thoroughly cleansed. If you have sensitive skin or if the mole is already painful, the doctor might apply a topical solution to somewhat numb the area. 

Applying the Liquid Nitrogen

Once you are ready, the doctor will apply liquid nitrogen to the mole. This will be done either by painting on the nitrogen with a small brush or by spraying it on from a canister with a very small nozzle. The liquid nitrogen can sting or burn, sometimes significantly, while it is being applied. The application usually takes no more than a minute or two.

Immediately After Treatment

It actually takes one to two weeks to see the full results from cryotherapy, but you will experience some changes right away. The area that was exposed to liquid nitrogen will likely be tender for a few days after treatment. Loose clothing can help, depending on the location of the mole. Within a few days, a scab will form; and within two weeks, that scab will fall off, and the mole will be gone.

If you have a troublesome mole that needs to be addressed, contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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