Three Tips for Sufferers of Psoriasis of the Scalp

Psoriasis can be troublesome to cope with, but those who have the condition on their scalp face some of the worst symptoms. With the scales intertwined with hair, it is difficult to get treatments on the area correctly, and you also face the problem of unwanted hair loss. Here are some tips to make your condition a bit more bearable.

Don’t Pick Scales

While it is important to remove the scales that form on your scalp, you should never pick at them. Picking at the scales can make your scalp bleed. It can also take hair off with the scale, leaving bald spots. Instead, use a soft brush to gently remove the scales.

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Three Common Causes of Chronic Itching and Their Treatments

Chronic itching can be extremely irritating, and it can affect every aspect of your life. If you are constantly itching, it can affect your work performance and ability to portray yourself as a professional. You may also find difficulty concentrating and may become unable to follow conversations with your friends and family. There are many potential causes for chronic itching, but here are the three most common and what can be done about it.


Xerosis is the clinical term for chronic dry skin. Dry skin can cause severe itchiness, and it is not always remedied by simply adding a moisturizing lotion. Sometimes lifestyle changes are necessary to relieve dry skin, such as not taking long, very hot showers or baths, using a humidifier, and using a moisturizer right after showering. You may also need to use a cream containing lactic acid. Visiting a doctor will be your best bet in learning more about how dry skin can be treated at home.

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What Is XTRAC Laser Treatment, and How Does It Help Psoriasis and Vitiligo?

Psoriasis and vitiligo are skin conditions that can affect your appearance and confidence, not just your skin. There are several available treatments for psoriasis and a few treatments available for vitiligo. One of the most effective treatments that has been used for decades is phototherapy, where UVB light is focused on the area. The XTRAC laser treatment is based on a similar principle. 

What Is XTRAC Laser?

The XTRAC laser uses focused and concentrated UVB rays. It works similarly to traditional phototherapy, but gives much faster results. The laser is very safe and doesn’t affect the surrounding skin as phototherapy might. The laser concentrates the UVB rays in the target area so that the skin condition is treated but the rest of your skin remains healthy.

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